MOTN; Girl’s Night Out; Update

Hello lovelies,

It’s been a while!

motd gno 2

Let’s do the update first, and then go to the makeup!
Okay, so if you have been following me for a while, you know that I have started a new chapter in my life. I have just recently graduated from college and moved to a new town and started a new job! Let me tell you now! I love it! I love my apartment, I love living in Kentucky, and I LOVE my job! I am so beyond blessed that everything worked out the way it did!
However, I have made the decision to post on my blog only once a week as opposed to twice a week. When I was still in school, I was so excited for after graduation because I thought “When I get home from work I can do makeup tutorials and when I have a day off, I’ll do even more tutorials and be able to post up to three times a week!” I was wrong.
When I get home from work, I make a quick dinner and then go to bed.  When I have a day off, I run errands and I’m usually pretty tired, so I lay on my couch and watch Friends.  I’m definitely NOT complaining, because, like I said, I love my job! I just didn’t expect to be so tired when I come home.
BUT! I am still in my first week of my new chapter in life. So, I know I will start getting used to my schedule and will hopefully get to the point where I am comfortable enough to post twice a week again, and then hopefully more than that later!
In conclusion, I am sorry for my weird absences from Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress! I am still working on the perfect blog schedule to be more consistent! 🙂

Okay, now for the fun part!!

motd gno 1

I wore this look on a fun GNO earlier this month! 🙂 My bestie, Joy, bought me the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette, so I used it for this look 🙂

Product details:

I thought this was a really simple eye look that isn’t over the top, but is still so much fun! I used all matte colors on my eyes, but you can always throw on a shimmery color to add some extra oomph! 🙂

motd gno 3

Thank you all so much for reading and (hopefully) understanding!! :*

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

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-Ryane ❤

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Wishlist; Handbag Edition

Hello everyone,

I am so sorry I am a day late again! I am still trying to figure out a good schedule, but I will get it together! I promise 🙂

I have a huge list of handbags that I want! I love the one that I have right now 🙂

Just a quick disclaimer, this post is going to be filled with designer handbags. Mind you, it’s called my Wishlist, I wish for these!

purse wishlist 2This is the handbag that I am carrying around right now! It’s from Target,from the Merona Brand!

purse wishlist 1This bag is by the designer 3.1 Phillip Lim! It’s a gorgeous statement red handbag that is absolutely gorgeous!

purse wishlist 3I love this nude Alexander Wang mini purse. It’s small and perfect for any occasion! Did I mention that I love the nude color, because I do!

purse wishlist 4This gorgeous Burberry bag is also on my Wishlist. It’s not too big, but big enough and look at that color! JUST GORGEOUS!

purse wishlist 5This black Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is perfect! It would literally go with anything and again, it’s a perfect size so it can fit all your things!

That’s it for it now! I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading!

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

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MOTN; NYE; 01.01.16


This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but honestly, I got off of work and fell asleep at 9:30, so I am a day late and a dollar short, but it’s up now! yay!

For this eye look, I used the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette!

grwm nye 3

Here is the look in all of its glory!

Product Details:

grwm nye 4

I hope you all enjoyed this look! And I am so sorry that I put it up a day late! Forgive me? 🙂

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Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

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-Ryane ❤

2015 Beauty Favorites

Hello lovelies,

This post is coming later in the day, but I’m getting it up 🙂

These are all the products that stood out to me in 2015!

fave 2015 4

That picture may be overwhelming, so I’ll break it up by eyes, face, and lips 🙂

fave 2015 1


face 2015 2


fave 2015 3


Thank you all so much for reading! Let me know your favorite products of 2015 in the comments below :*

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

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-Ryane ❤


Makeup Tutorial; Warm New Year’s Eve look

Hello everyone!

I’m back with my second New Year’s Eve tutorial! This one is much different than the first New Year’s Eve tutorial that I put up earlier this week! It’s much more warm and I think a little less dramatic, but the gold in the inner corner gives it a little oomph 🙂

ny 2 15

ny 2 13

I started out by priming my eyes with the Lorac Behind the Eyes Primer!

ny 2 1I took “Nectar” from the Lorac Pro 2 Palette and sloppily applied it in my crease as well as a little above my crease!






ny 2 2Then I used Bobbi Brown’s “Toast” and put it right on top of “Nectar”. I think “Toast” really warmed up the crease 🙂






ny 2 3Next I took “Lt. Brown,” another color from the Lorac Pro 2 Palette, and really focused this color on the outer lid area.






ny 2 4But I’m going to be completely honest, that shadow didn’t do it for me. So I went back with MAC “Uninterrupted” and placed it over where I originally put “Lt. Brown”. It totally made the eye look more warm, which is what I was going for!





ny 2 5To deepen the crease area, I took a very little amount of Jesse’s Girl “Brown Sugar” loose powder-y eyeshadow!






ny 2 6For my lower lash line, I applied “Picnic Basket” by tarte.






ny 2 7I mixed “Barefoot in the Grass” and “Summer Breeze,” both by tarte, all over my crease!







ny 2 8And for my highlight, instead of using  my usual (BECCA Opal), I wanted a matte color, so I used the same “Summer Breeze” shade.






ny 2 9I wanted to do winged liner (of course), but I thought black would be way too harsh, so I took “Picnic Basket” and created it!






ny 2 10I also didn’t want to leave my waterline blank, so I used a nude kohl eyeliner to fill it out!






ny 2 11The last steps are applying mascara and then I added some gold glitter in the inner corner of my eye to give the look a little extra oomph!

ny 2 14

All products for the rest of my face will be listed below :*

Product details:


ny 2 16

Thank you all so much for reading ❤

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