Color Series; Tiffany Blue

I just thought it would be fun to switch things up here! This post is all about the color Tiffany Blue!

So, my favorite color of all time is yellow. I just love it. It reminds me of summer and it’s such a happy color. However, Tiffany Blue is a close second! In fact, I didn’t realize how much I loved it until I sent the picture shown below to Boyfriend, making fun of myself for having all the same color!


After I sent him this picture, I wondered how many other Tiffany Blue things I had! So, I searched around my room and found a lot more than I expected!

  color series

color series- pillow casecolor series- raincoat

I gathered all the things I could find, and now I’m writing this blog! 🙂

Item details:

  • Top picture
    • Shower caddy– Target | Similar
      • I got this shower caddy my freshman year! It’s plain and simple, and the little touch of blue makes it so cute!
    • Brita filterTarget | Similar
      • I love using my Brita filter! It’s a good size, so it fits into mini fridges and, of course, I’m a sucker for this color. I also got this my freshman year.
    • Mason Jar– Craft
      • Some friends were having a craft night, and we decided to decorate Mason Jars. I know the blue lid totally doesn’t go with the UK theme that I had going on, but I saw that paint color and HAD to use it! It’s a paint by Apple Barrel in the color Key West. Oh, and it’s an acrylic paint, if you guys want to craft something up!
    • Sudoku booksBarnes and Noble
      • Fun fact about me, I love Sudoku. I could just play it all of the time. Boyfriend got me these books for my birthday a while back, and they fit perfectly into my color scheme! The brand is called Pocket Posh and you can find them at Barnes and Noble!
    • Phone cases– (left) Speck; iPhone 5 | (right) Obliq; iPhone 6
      • No, I do not have three phones. The two on the left side are the cases I had for my iPhone 5, now that I have an iPhone 6, I got a new case! I was so sad that Speck didn’t make a case in Tiffany Blue for the iPhone 6, so I found the next best thing, and I’m actually really liking it!
    • Laptop caseKuzy | Similar
      • I have had this laptop case since I got my laptop, my senior year of high school! It works very well. I don’t really ever drop my laptop, BUT I do shove it in my backpack and take it to class with me, and the case has done its job wonderfully!
    • iPad caseSpeck | Similar
      • I love this case. It’s one that folds over onto my iPad screen, so it provides extra protection! Also, the inside of the case is yellow! So, it’s basically my two favorite colors! ❤
    • Agenda– Staples
      • My agenda last year was much more of a Tiffany Blue color, this year it’s much darker. However, I love this brand of agendas (Blue Sky the Color of Imagination). I have been using them every year of my college career! They are cute but also very useful and not at all distracting!
    • Tiffany bagsTiffany
      • I use these to decorate my dorm. No, I do not own a lot of Tiffany & Co things, but my friends know that I love Tiffany, so whenever they get something, they give me their bags! My friends are so sweet to think of me!
    • YikYak cup– Purdue
      • My friend, Joy, gave me this cup! I thought it was so cute! And, come on, it’s a wonderful color!
  • Bottom left picture
    • Pillow case (and sheet set)Amazon | Similar
      • I love this pillow case (and sheet set) because it is so cute! I’m not one for too much design or patterns, but I thought this was really simple and nice!
  • Bottom right picture
    • Rain jacket– Target | Similar | Similar
      • AH! I love this rain jacket! Like a lot of my other things, I got this my freshman year of college. Also, because I have had it for so long, there are little holes in the shoulders and rain gets through when I’m walking to class, but I love the jacket so much that I just can’t throw it away! Side Note: I had the hardest time trying to find this dang jacket so you guys could buy it! Sadly, it doesn’t look like Target is making it anymore 😦


However, that being said, I may not post as much this next week 😦 BUT!! I will post on Monday, because I’m keeping my promise!

Comment on this post telling me your favorite color, the next color you want me to do for my Color Series, or any ideas for future posts!

Thanks for reading :*

Can’t wait to talk to you guys soon!

And please follow me!!

– Ryane ❤


5 thoughts on “Color Series; Tiffany Blue

  1. stashmatters says:

    That’s so cute that your favourite colour is yellow – you must be a super optimistic person! You should do YELLOW next in your Colour Series of course!
    My favourite colour is purple. 🙂
    Enjoy your March break!

    Liked by 1 person

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