Desk tour; April 2015

Hello lovely people,

I was thinking how crazy it is that I do 90% of my work from my desk. It has everything I need and more! So, I’m going to do a quick Desk Tour to show you guys around my work area!

desk pic 1

Here’s a quick pic of my overall desk area. I has a top shelf portion, the main desk area, and underneath are my slippers πŸ™‚

desk pic 2I’m going to start off with the top shelf portion. Okay, so this is detached from the main desk area, which freaks me out, because if I move it, everything will topple over and that would just be a mess.Β Anyways, I put the majority of my decorations up on this area, because I can’t really put anything that I need to grab everyday up here because I’m short and can’t reach that high when I’m sitting down.

desk pic 3So, now for the main desk area. This has the tools I need to make my day go smoothly. Also, it has some pictures of my friends and family and stuff! Side Note: sorry it’s tilted, apparently I can’t hold a camera.

desk pic 4

Okay, so left side of the main desk area. This is primarily for my laptop. Also, when I’m doing homework, I have books all cluttered around, so I really can’t have too much in this area. In the top left corner I have my class schedule, just in case I forget. I have a few books, and sticky notes reminding me of random things.



desk pic 5


The right side of my desk has more school tools (that rhymed, hehe). I have a little three-drawer container that has pencils, highlighters, pens, sharpies, sticky notes, you name it, it’s in there. I have a cup full of make up brushes because my desk is where I apply my make up. I have two random nail polishes, a desk calendar that keeps me on track, and usually I have my agenda up here, too!



desk pic 6

Okay, so this is the middle drawer of my desk. It’s not a full on drawer, and I think I’m supposed to put my laptop in it, but whatever. Here I put my iPad, a little rice heating pad, my Sudoku book, and lots of other free paper that I can use to take notes on random things or sketch, they’re basically my scrap papers!


desk pic 7



Excuse my first drawer. It’s my junk drawer. It contains things that I grab on a normal basis, like vitamins, my duster, a calculator, some scissors, Burt’s Bees, all that jazz. It’s an organized mess in my head. Really, I promise.



desk pic 8


The second drawer is the best drawer because it’s my snack drawer ❀ I also have stamps and envelopes in here to send sweet love notes to Boyfriend and also my Bible, because I like having that around πŸ™‚ Also, a broken fork? And boxes, because I don’t like throwing boxes away, because when I move back home, then I just have a ton of random stuff and no where to put it, so yeah. Boxes and random wires and food.


desk pic 9


Almost done, we are finally at the bottom drawer of my desk! I just put all my books, notebooks, and folders in there. There really isn’t another place to put them. Some of my books are super heavy, and they aren’t cute enough to just lay out in the open. So I tuck them away in this drawer! As you can see, I usually have my folders stacked away in the side part, just so they’re easy to get to!


I hope you enjoyed my quick little desk tour! Now the next time I post a blog, you can picture where I am sitting and typing it out! πŸ™‚ How fun is that??

Thank you so much for reading!!

Can’t wait to talk to you soon!

And please follow me!!

-Ryane ❀


7 thoughts on “Desk tour; April 2015

      • stashmatters says:

        I have a really sweet tooth so my snack drawers are all filled with candies and chocolates. I also really like Digestive cookies lol. I literally just came back from Rexall with a bunch of clearance Easter candies… 50% off! πŸ˜€


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