Prom makeup tutorial; soft eyes and red lips

Hello lovelies,

So this post is my second prom makeup tutorial for the season! It is so much different than the first prom look that published. It’s definitely softer but still a very pretty look! I really like it!

prom 2 pic 14


This look incorporates a soft colors on the eyes and red lips! If you want to learn how I did this makeup, please keep reading 🙂


prom 2 pic 1First, I put an eyeshadow by Sigma called Oyster Sand all over my lid with my Ecotools eyeshadow brush. This color was so deceiving. I thought it was going to be much more white than it is pink. Also, the picture doesn’t really show it, but it was a very pink-y color.





prom 2 pic 2So after that, I put Foxy by Urban Decay all over my lid. This is the cream white color that I was going for. I really wanted a matte- creamy white color for my all over the lid shadow. Again, I just used the Ecotools eyeshadow brush.





prom 2 pic 3Then, to start with the cut crease, I put the darkest color from the Maybelline Copper Chic palette in the crease of my eye. This is a very harsh line, but don’t worry, we’ll fix it later!! I just used the applicator that came with the palette!




prom 2 pic 4Now, I blend out the crease area ever so slightly with my ecotools eyeshadow brush. I also put some Warm Stone eyeshadow on it (by Sigma), to make it more blended.




prom 2 pic 5

Now I put some Tease by Urban Decay in my crease to make it look softer and more blended. As always, I used my Ecotools eyeshadow brush.



prom 2 pic 6




I reapplied Foxy by Urban Decay to my lid area to make it look more like the cut crease that I want.


prom 2 pic 7


I add a little bit more Warm Stone Sigma shadow to the crease, again just to make it more cut crease-y.



prom 2 pic 8



I blend everything out one more time! And then add Bootycall to my brow bone and inner corner for a little highlight with my Sigma E20 Short Shader brush.



prom 2 pic 9


Now, I start with my eyeliner. I’m using Maybelline Gel Liner. First, I make a short wing that extends from the outer corner of my eye. (The brush came with the eyeliner)




prom 2 pic 10

Then I line my lash line with a thin line of the same eyeliner.






prom 2 pic 11

Before my eyelid naturally curves down, I make a line straight into the wing that I made earlier.





prom 2 pic 12

Now, I fill in that little triangle and line my lower water line with Rimmel You’re Always  White eyeliner.





prom 2 pic 13

Finally, I add some Ardell lashes to my top lash line and put a coat of Rimmel mascara on my bottom lashes. To finish out the look I added some brow mascara!





prom 2 pic 16Here’s the whole look! I applied Make Up Forever Velvet Mat+ Foundation all over my face with my Sigma F80 Kabuki brush. Then I put Physician’s Formula blush in warm on my cheeks with my Ecotools Blush Brush. For my lips, I lined them with Jordana Easyliner for Lips in Sedona Red and applied a L’oreal Colour Riche lipstick in shade 315 True Red all over them.

Guys, I had so much fun doing these makeup tutorials for you! I guess it’s kinda hard to do without a video, but I thought these pictures worked! Let me know what you think! 🙂

If you’re going, I hope you all have a great and fun prom!!! I totally miss high school and getting to dress up and stuff!

Thank you so much for reading!

Can’t wait to talk to you guys soon!

And please follow me!!

-Ryane ❤

Makeup Details:



prom 2 pic 15


5 thoughts on “Prom makeup tutorial; soft eyes and red lips

  1. stashmatters says:

    Great step by step tutorial as usual! Even without video I was able to follow along. Thanks for listing all the products (inluding brushes) with links too – I know that’s a lot of work and I appreciate it! 😀
    Red lipstick looks amazing on you!

    Liked by 1 person

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