Follow Me; Birthday (Weekend)

Hello internet friends,

So last week I turned another year older! D: But I also got to celebrate with my friends and family! I know I did a Follow Me; Spring Break, so I wanted to do a Follow Me; Birthday (Weekend) just to keep my blog personal and stuff! So, let’s get started!


bday 1On my birthday, my bestie, Joy and I got our nails done 🙂 I love getting my nails done. It’s just a nice (usually cheap) way to pamper myself 🙂 I went for a super cute, opaque light pink and Joy decided to go out of her comfort zone and get a metallic silver!





 bday 3 bday 2

Then we went to the local zoo in our town. It was free and really small, but we got to see otters, which I love ❤

To finish out the day, we met with my other friend, Ashley, and got dinner and Noodles and Co. I apologize for not having a picture, but when I’m eating, I’m eating. Food=life.

bday 5As I mentioned in my most recent post, I went to a dance performance on Friday night! Here’s a really poorly lit picture from that night!






bday 6On Saturday morning, I woke up at a stupid time to get home early and hang out with my family and Boyfriend. Here’s my car pic, taken at 7:39 am. I’m a morning person, but this was a little rough for me!

[magically straighten hair and put on makeup]





bday 7We spent the morning/afternoon playing cards and just talking, and even went to my favorite restaurant, but of course, I don’t have a picture, because, I was eating 😀 Side Note: I promise he likes me. lol!





bday 8Finally, Boyfriend and I went to my other favorite restaurant for dinner. I ordered a nice fruity drink for myself. Normally I don’t drink, because I’d rather eat my calories than drink my calories, but it was a special occasion and I thought it would be nice to treat myself 🙂





bday 9 bday 11

Boyfriend had another surprise for me! He was driving and I was asking tons of questions, and finally we got to a Broadway show! He and I have a lot of history with Beauty and the Beast. Within the first month we started dating, we saw the show together and then we were both cast in Beauty in the Beast in high school! It was amazing watching it again!

bday 10

Here’s a nice picture of us ❤

 I know this post is so much different than my past ones, but I just want to keep my blog a little bit personal! I promise I have a lot more beauty related posts coming your way!

Comment below if you have any ideas for me!

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

And please follow me!!

– Ryane ❤


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