Night time routine

Hello lovelies,

To follow up from my Morning Routine, I thought I would quickly post my night time routine! 🙂
I am not, by any means, a night owl. I am a morning person. Once ten p.m. hits, I’m usually not functional 😛

Hope you all enjoy the read 🙂

First, to start my routine, I take a nice hot shower. I just love washing off the day and relaxing in the hot shower!
In the shower, I take off all my makeup! This is probably my favorite part of my night time routine! It’s so nice to wash my face and look at a clean slate! My favorite makeup remover is the Purity Made Simple Face Wash and Makeup Remover. It seriously melts off my makeup but is gentle enough for my sensitive skin! I seriously recommend this for every single person, no matter your skin type!


 cost 2occ review 8

Side Note: I had to re-use these two pictures because I forgot to take my before and after last night 😦

empties 1

night 3After taking off my makeup, and washing my hair and stuff, I like to exfoliate my face. I have pretty dry skin, so this step is necessary! Now, I don’t exfoliate everyday, but I do try to do it every other day! This step just clears away all the dead skin and grossness from your face! My favorite exfoliator is the St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub. This has not failed me yet! 🙂


After my shower I do some serious moisturizing.  The Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (for dry, sensitive skin) is my go-to lotion for the night. It’s incredibly thick and has no scent. I just slather this all over my body to get as much hydration as possible!empties 2

Next I finish out my Skin Care Routine, but that’s for another post!

So I generally just chill in my towel or robe until I can get into my comfy pjs!

Next, I’ll check some emails, and the blog, and Instagram, and Twitter, to catch up on the day! 🙂

At the end of the day, I love scrolling through the beauty section of Pinterest and seeing all there is to see! Sometimes I get so inspired by makeup looks, other times I see products that I want to try! It’s just so simple and a fun way to further my knowledge about makeup!

night 2

night 1Finally, right before I go to bed, I read a chapter of a book. Right now I’m reading Start by Jon Acuff. First, reading is good for your brain, so why not do it? Second, I’ve heard from multiple people that you shouldn’t look at your phone or computer or TV right before you go to bed because it makes it harder for you to fall asleep? So, anyways,  I read a chapter of any book right before I go to bed!






Man, I wish I was more interesting! Something like, every night I go bungee jumping to clear my mind!! Haha! I just feel kinda boring, ya know?

I hope you guys enjoyed my some-what boring night time routine! Comment below letting me know how you like to de-stress from a hard day’s work!

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

And please follow me!!

– Ryane ❤



3 thoughts on “Night time routine

      • secretlybeautyobsessed says:

        Me too 🙂 it depends what your into really. I most recently read Wuthering Heights (I cant remember the author but its a classic) also The Maze Runner by James Dashner and One Day (but i cant remember the author either haha) i thought these three were great so you could check them out! 🙂


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