All about my hair

This is the third post in my “all about me” series. If you’ve been reading for a while, this follows my Clothes and Skin posts!

So, if you haven’t guessed from the title, this is all about my hair. The best way to get through this is if I show you a quick timeline of my hair!

hair post 11

Circa birth to 2011: My hair was natural, untouched by chemicals and the like. Unfortunately, I could not find a picture. I searched long and hard, but to give you guys an idea- It was an extremely dark brown, almost black color with natural reddish highlights!
IMG_0137 IMG_0148

Circa March 2011: I had side bangs and dyed my hair a reddish color. My hair was pretty long and had a lot of long layers. [Side Note: excuse the makeup, this was right before a show].





IMG_0948Circa May 2011: I told my hair dresser to do what she wanted because it was summer! She cut off seven inches and put “peek-a-boo” caramel highlights in it and some feathers. (Remember when feathers in your hair was the coolest thing?) And also, side bangs. I was really into side bangs.





IMG_3365Circa August 2011: I was going to be in another show, and my hair couldn’t be multi-colored, so I dyed it straight black. [Side Note: I dyed it black in August, but could only find a picture in December 2011, which is why I’m wearing a winter coat and scarf]. I still had my side bangs and the long layers going on!




IMG_5596Circa October 2012: My friend was in cosmetology school and wanted to practice the ombre effect on my hair. (Remember when ombre was the coolest thing?). It obviously went from my dark color to red to blonde. I actually really liked my hair like this, I just didn’t treat it properly, so it looked like a brunette/blonde mess after a month or so.






Circa November 2012: Like I said, I didn’t properly maintain my hair and the bleach totally killed it, so I chopped five inches off.





IMG_0113Circa January 2013: I couldn’t stand the colorful mess that was my hair, so I dyed just the bottom part to match my top part. [Side Note: What a flattering picture of yours truly]. Also, I was starting to grow out the side bangs. It was the end of an era.





hair post 9Circa January 2013- Present: I have not touched my hair with any kind of dye or color since the ombre. The picture shown on the left is my hair completely natural. No product added. My hair is SUPER thick, kind of coarse, and wavy. Sometimes it gets frizzy, but I don’t lose sleep over it or anything.




hair post 10

Present: My hair is long, and easy to style because it holds heat really well. If you look closely, you can still see traces of the ombre at the bottom because I never fully cut it off, just dyed over it. My style hasn’t changed as much as my hair color. I still go for the deep side part, but I don’t have side bangs anymore! I don’t think I’ll dye my hair again. Maybe when I start going grey I will, but I’m actually loving my natural color. It’s nothing special, but I like it. As for cuts/trims, I’m not a fan. I usually make my mama do it for me every once in a while. I just really don’t like getting my hair cut!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading through my hair journey! Down below I will list all the products that I use 🙂

Thank you all so much for reading! 🙂

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

And please follow me!!

– Ryane ❤

[This is not at all sponsored by any brand]

Products I use:

Shower products:

Out of the shower products:


Styling Tools:


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