Makeup tutorial; eyebrows

Hello everyone!

So, eyebrows have been the focus of makeup a lot in 2014 and 2015. I thought I would let you guys know how I fill in my eyebrows!
I use ALL drugstore products, so this look is inexpensive and pretty easy! Let’s get started 🙂

First things first, I am going to quote my favorite beauty guru, Jaclyn Hill: “Remember, eyebrows are sisters, they aren’t twins”. Don’t expect both of your eyebrows to take the same amount of product or technique.

Here’s a picture of my eyebrows without any filling. As you can see the left eyebrow is a bit of a derp and the front end of it fans out, it’s also pretty straight as opposed to the right eyebrow that has more of a dramatic arch.

brow 1

Left Eyebrow

brow 2So, first I am going to work on the left eyebrow. I start out by drawing a straight line at the base of my brow with my Chella eyebrow pencil in Tantalizing Taupe (I’ll link all the products I use down below 🙂 ).



brow 4


I also fill just a little itty bitty bit of the top part of the brow, but not too much, because I don’t want to over do it!




brow 5
Next I fill in my brow with my Milani Brow Fix Kit in shade Brow 2. I just fill in the front half of my brow with this color. I feel like this is what makes it look more natural.



brow 6


For the outer half of my brow, I use the Milani Easy Brow Mechanical Pencil in Shade 02 Dark Brown and draw a line for me to follow when I set my brows with clear brow gel. Don’t worry, I know that it looks crazy, but it’ll all work out I promise!



brow 7


Next I fill in the outer half of my brow with my Milani Brow Fix Kit, but this time in shade Brow 1. It looks really dramatic, but it will all come together!




brow 8I use my finger to tap out the product, this is key. Seriously. This blurs out edges so you don’t have those super harsh lines. I think this is really what pulls everything together.




brow 9


Finally, I set my brows with Maybelline Brow Mascara.





Right Eyebrow

brow 10


Again, I start out by drawing a line at the base of my brow. Same product, same technique. Super easy!




brow 11


I like the shape of the top part of this brow, so I don’t do much with it. There’s a little bald spot near the tip, so I fill that part in, but other than that, nothing!




brow 12


Just like the other brow, I fill the front half of the brow using my Milani Brow Fix Kit in the shade Brow 2.




brow 13


As you can see from the picture above and this picture, I already drew out the outer half of my brow with my Milani Brow Pencil. Instead of following my natural brow and curving it down, I drew it a little more straight out so it would match my left eyebrow.



brow 15


Again, I just fill the back half of my brow with the same Milani Brow Fix Kit in Shade Brow 1. Remember to tap everything out with your fingers, so your eyebrows don’t look super harsh. I like to make mine look as natural as possible! And, as always, I set it again with the Maybelline Brow Mascara.



Here’s my before and after pictures. As you can see there’s really not that big of a difference. My eyebrows are pretty full to start with!

brow 1

brow 16

I completely forgot this step, but something good to do to fix the edges/shape of your brow, is to go back and sculpt it with concealer! It just cleans everything up! I highly recommend this and I am sorry I forgot to take a picture of it!

I hope you all enjoyed my Eyebrow Tutorial! I have to say- I don’t do this everyday. Usually, I’ll just fill them in with the Milani Brow Fix Kit and call it a day, but for more special occasions, these are all the steps I would follow!


7 thoughts on “Makeup tutorial; eyebrows

  1. stashmatters says:

    I have total brow envy. UGH. Mine are so whimpy they are nearly invisible. I HAVE pencil them in daily or else I look like an alien. For quick daily makeup look, I just use pencil from Shu Uemura. I like using concealer on the brow bone to create a clean edge too.

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