Color Series; Sunshine Yellow

My lovlies-

Okay, so in March I wrote a post called Color Series; Tiffany Blue. It is something very different for my blog because it has nothing to do with beauty or fashion. Basically what I did was I collected all the fun things that I have of a certain color, and this time I’m doing yellow! Yellow is my favorite color of all time! It is so happy and reminds me of sunshine 🙂

yellow 1

Item Details:

  • TowelWalmart
    • I know this is probably really weird to add to the list. But I have this weird thing where I am obsessed with oversized bath towels.  This one is perfect! It is HUUUUGE and it;s my favorite color 🙂
  • Robe– American Eagle Outfitters | Similar
    • This is the perfect robe. It is soft and wonderful. I love wrapping myself up in the cute and fashionable robe! 🙂 Plus the polka dots are so cute!
  • Jacket– Hand-me-down from Boyfriend/Target | Similar
    • I love this jacket. It’s a little oversized because it was Boyfriend’s, but I think it’s just the perfect, most comfortable jacket!
  • Roses– Boyfriend
    • Yes, they’re old. But after Boyfriend buys me a bouquet of roses, I tie a string around the stems and hang them upside down so they dry. That way I can put them back in a vase and keep them forever!
  • Cup– Hotbox | Similar
    • I love this cup because it says “cup”, and I think that that is freaking hilarious! There’s this pizza place around campus called HotBox Pizza, and if you order a drink, you get a cool cup that says “cup,” the one I got happens to be yellow and I love it!
  • Burt’s BeesBurt’s Bees 
    • My favorite lip balm of all time. Burt’s Bees has my heart in terms of lip balm. So perfect. I seriously cannot praise this product enough. I know they are a little price-y, but I honestly think they are worth every penny.
  • Minion (Dave)– My little sister gave it to me 🙂 | Similar
    • His name is Dave. And I love him. My little sister bought him for me! He chills beside my bed and is so stinking cute!
  • Pillow Pet (Nelly)Walmart | Similar (duck)
    • Perfect for travel! In high school we did a lot of bus travel, and I took Nelly along with me. Pillow Pets are great, guys! I know I’m supposed to be an adult and stuff, and should probably have a more “mature” carry-on pillow, but I honestly think Nelly is the best!

yellow 2

I know this was kind of a hodge podge of random items, but I hope you enjoyed this post! The next color I am going to do in my Color Series is purple for the great StashMatters! Let me know if you have a color you want me to do, and I will happily do it for you ❤

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

And please follow me!!

– Ryane ❤


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