Makeup for blue eyes; feat. Kate

Hello my lovelies,

So, last week I was in Washington visiting family (obviously, we don’t look alike, because we aren’t, but we’re close family friends, and they are like sisters to me!). So, anyways, my sister, Kate, has BEAUTIFUL blue eyes. Something I wish I had, but I don’t. Anyways, I asked her if I could do her makeup for my blog and she said yes (cuz she’s the best).

This is how I did her makeup; Just look at this beaut ❤

kate 1

Now, here are a few close up of her eyes 🙂

kate 2 kate 3

I really went for a more “natural” look with gold and a little touch of aqua blue! I will link all of the products used down below 🙂

Product Details:

I hope you guys enjoyed this look! I thought it would be a good idea to make my blog a little more versatile and get someone who looks very different from myself to do makeup on! It was so much fun getting to put makeup on my sister 🙂

Let me know if you liked this and I’ll definitely try to get up some more! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

And please follow me!!

– Ryane ❤


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