Seven Deadly Sins Tag

Internet Friends-

It has been a hot second since I have posted a tag and there is no better time than right now! I saw this tag on stash matter‘s blog. You guys know how much I rave about this blogger, so just do me a favor and go follow her cuz she’s the best!

Okay, so from what I have gathered, it’s basically asking you makeup questions centered around the Seven Deadly Sins! So, here we go!

7 deadly sins 1

What is your most inexpensive beauty item?
My most inexpensive beauty item is probably my Jordana Lip liners. I do a lot of my make up shopping at the drugstore, so this was a little difficult to figure out! But I am definitely going to go with my Jordana Lip liners!
What is your most expensive beauty item? Shoot, man. Probably my Naked palettes. These babies come in at a whopping $54, but are SO worth it.

7 deadly sins 2

7 deadly sins 3

What item do you have a love/hate relationship with? This is easy. I have a love/hate relationship with the NARS Ita Kabuki Brush. I love it tons because it gets the job done if you want a crazy sculpted contour, but it sheds like a mother. I paid waaaaaaay too much money for this dang brush to shed all over me. But at the same time, I love it so much, I’ll never throw it away.

What brand takes up most of your collection? Maybelline, for sure. I love Maybelline because it has such a wide variety of products!

What product do you neglect the most due to laziness? Probably bronzers/highlighter/contour products. I  know what you’re thinking. I have expensive products (especially highlighters and stuff), but on a normal day, I will skip highlighting because I AM lazy! There are no two ways about it! But when I am going for a full-on glam look, I will highlight the face up like a frickin disco ball.

7 deadly sins 4

What product gives you the most confidence? I am going to go with concealer. If I need to run errands but don’t feel like putting on a whole face of makeup, I’ll usually just throw on some concealer and call it a day!

Which item is at the top of your beauty wishlist? For me, I can just never have enough lip products. I confess. I am a lip product junkie. However, the makeup product that I have been lusting the most is probably the Elcie Foundation!

I tag EVERYBODY who hasn’t done this before! It’s just a fun way to get to know people! So go ahead and do the tag and let me know when you post it so I can read it! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading 🙂

Also, remember to enter my GIVEAWAY!!! I can’t wait to see who wins 🙂

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

And please follow me!!

-Ryane  ❤


8 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins Tag

  1. BeginnerBeaute says:

    I am DYING to get this Kabuki brush but I don’t want to spend that much on a brush! I saw a similar one on HauteLook there selling Morphe flat kabuki brushes! I told myself I was going to buy it by still haven’t done it 😒


  2. mirrorthelove says:

    Love stashmatters! And also remember that ANTM episode so well! Hahah! I am a real “all-or-nothing” person when it comes to makeup. I’ll never just put on concealer, instead I’ll do the whole face and I want to stop that! Just using concealer would be ideal for brightening my face without using much makeup (I usually just go bare-faced or just mascara maybe!). Great tip!


    • ryanezamora12 says:

      Stashmatters is the best ❤
      I love concealer just to brighten up some areas. My minimal makeup is probably just concealer and mascara, but I do love doing a full face of makeup 🙂 I love me some winged liner!


  3. stashmatters says:

    I bought a $2 knock off of that Nars Ita brush for shits and giggles – it has yet to arrive but I’ll let you know if the $2 version is about the same quality as the real thing LOL. Nars brushes suck ass, basically (so scratch and SHEDS like a mofo)
    Our answers are the same on the Sloth and Pride – go US!
    Thanks for the shout out girl! 🙂


    • ryanezamora12 says:

      I’m telling you, great minds think alike 😉
      YES! Definitely let me know! Also, I have never really heard anything about NARS brushes, but after this one, I don’t think I’ll buy another one of their brushes again :/ I spent like $55 on it, it should not shed!! 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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