Makeup tutorial; bronze makeup look

Hello lovelies,

Summer is all about being bronze and tan, and I’m not sure I want that to end with the coming of fall. So, with that being said, I created a fun bronze-y makeup look that I will wear in the fall! Unlike my other tutorials, this will actually show you my face makeup as well as my eye makeup!

bronze 13

bronze 1


Here is my face makeup free! I thought that since this will be a full face makeup tutorial, I needed to go all in!





bronze 2


Today I used the MUFE Ultra Invisible HD Foundation. I actually really really like this foundation. It gives a really nice, natural finish 😀





bronze 3


To cover up some blemishes and dark spots, I used the MUFE Full Cover Concealer. This is know surprise to you guys. I absolutely adore this concealer. I really think it is the best.





bronze 4


Because I was going for a bronze-y look, I decided to apply bronze on the apples of my cheeks instead of blush. I also lightly put some of the bronzer on the bridge of my nose as well! Oh yeah, all over bronze. I also applied bronzer on my temples and jawline. Getting that bronze look. Mhm.




bronze 6


Okay, now let’s take a look at the eye makeup. I used a lot of Tarte products for this makeup look. I used Barefoot in the Grass as the transition color and then Picnic Basket as my crease color.




bronze 7


I used Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze and applied it all over my lid. This cream eyeshadow is absolutely gorgeous, the price is amazing, and it totally doesn’t seem like a drugstore product!




bronze 8


I, of course, added my favorite little wing, which I think goes so great with every single makeup look. This time I used the Marc Jacobs liquid eyeliner to achieve the wing.



bronze 9


After applying the wing, I decided that this look was still not bronze-y enough for me, so I took Caipirnha Cocktails and put it right on the ball of my eye and also as the inner corner highlight. I know I usually never put anything but frosty-white shadows as my inner corner highlight, butI think this is such a gorgeous gold eyeshadow, I wanted to put it everywhere!

bronze 10


I cleaned up my eyeliner because the gold eyeshadow had some fallout and then put Tropical Sunset on my lower lash line to really make my whole entire eye very bronze-y. In this picture you can really see the beautiful gold shade that I applied. Oh my goodness, I love it!



bronze 11


To finish off the eye look, I put on a few thousand coats of Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara. I always feel like mascara really ties the whole look together.




I filled in my brows (updated tutorial coming soon!) and put YSL Ultimate Beige all over my lips and then a NARS lip gloss in Orgasm in just the center of my lips. As always, I will link everything in the bottom for you guys 🙂

bronze 12

Product Details:

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun bronze-y makeup look! It’s definitely something I will be wearing for a while before getting into fall looks! 🙂
Happy Monday- have a great week :*

Thank you so very much for reading!

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

And please follow me!!

– Ryane ❤



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