Makeup tutorial; jade green eye look

Hello lovelies,

I am happily posting a more colorful makeup look today. This green makeup look was so much fun to create! I feel like it is the perfect ode to fall, which officially starts on Wednesday! WHAAA??

Anyways, please continue reading if you want to learn how I achieved this makeup look 🙂

 green 8

green 1


I started out by putting my two favorite transition colors in my crease.  As you can see, I put these pretty high. I love the coral-y color, and I think it really compliments the green that we are about to put on 🙂



green 2


Next, I picked up this gorgeous jade green shade. I actually applied it with my finger. Because it’s so sparkly, I wanted to really pack it on my lid! I focused this color on my lid. I didn’t stray to far up because I didn’t want to cover up the transition colors from early.



green 3


I grabbed an eyeshadow two to three shades darker than the original green shade and applied it in the outer corner of my eye. I just needed to give my eye a little bit more definition. You can totally skip this part! I also grabbed a green eyeshadow that was two to three shades LIGHTER than the original and put that in the inner corner of my eye to act as the highlight.


green 4



I took the coral-y/copper-y shade from my Covergirl Quad and put that along my lower lash line. This just kinda goes along with the transition colors we placed on our lid.



green 5



With a very, very tiny detailer brush, I took the same dark green eyeshadow I used in my outer corner and ran that across my lower lash line.  I tried to keep this shade as close to my lash line as possible!



green 6



Of course I did not forget about the brow bone highlight! I used Becca Opal because I didn’t want a pure white highlight.




green 7


To finish out my eye look, I couldn’t help but add a dramatic wing and I applied some mascara on my bottom lashes.  I really thought this look called for some fake lashes, so I grabbed those and went with it!




As always, I filled in my brows, and for my lips, I went along with the coral color that really compliments the green. I used a mixture of NARS Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte and Gerard Cosmetics Nude Lipgloss! Every product I used will be listed below, DUH! 🙂

green 9

Product Details:

I hope you guys enjoyed this more colorful makeup look! I had a lot of fun playing around with green!! 🙂

As I have mentioned in my last couple of posts, I plan on doing a Roommate Tag with my beautiful roomie and best friend, Joy! If you have any questions for us, please leave it in the comments below 🙂

Thank you all so much for reading :*

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

And please follow me!!

-Ryane ❤




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