Roommate Tag; Feat. Joy

Hello lovelies,

I am SO excited to be putting up this Roommate Tag featuring my lovely roomie and bestie, Joy.  Now, you may have already seen Joy in my Makeup For Hazel Eyes post, but I have a feeling you guys will be seeing more of her, because I had a lot of fun putting makeup on her!

joy 2

I also thought this would be a fun way to get to know me better, because she lives with me, so she knows tons about me! 😛

I asked you guys to give us your questions on a lot of my recent posts, so we combined those with some questions of our own 🙂

[I will put the question in bold, and then under it, I will put J: (answer) and R: (answer). J will be Joy’s answer and R will be my answer :)]

Let’s get started!

When/how/where did you first meet?
J: We both went to the same elementary school, and our school was small enough so that we knew of each other but we weren’t really friends until later in high school. ALSO! We used to compete against each other in dance competitions!
R: I feel like I have always known Joy. Our school was so small and everyone knew everyone, but I can’t pin point exactly when we met. Also, yes to everything she said 🙂

roommate tag 2 roommate tag 3

Here is the very first picture we have ever taken together, and then the most recent picture we have taken together. The first one was in 2011, and the most recent one was a couple of weeks ago!

When did you become friends?
J: We became chummy in high school because we did a lot of theater productions together, but it really wasn’t until our senior year when we clicked. We really weren’t fond of each other in the beginning of high school for various reasons: one, a boy. But when I finally gave her a chance, I found my best friend 🙂
R: We didn’t become close friends until the summer between junior and senior year of high school because we were both in a show called “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” but like we said, we always knew each other and I would do her hair and makeup for the other shows we were cast in! Also, fun fact: Joy and I did not like each other until then.

roommate tag 4


If you had to share a bunkbed, who would be on top? [from Stashmatters]
J: I would be on top because I have a super long torso, and I wouldn’t want to hit my head.
R: Joy would be on top, and also I would just be too lazy to get up into bed.

Here’s a fun picture of Joy not being able to sit up straight in bed!


Do you have any roommate traditions?
J & R: Monday brunch and Friday On-the-Go runs and tv time after a long day

How do you guys schedule / share in cleaning? [from Stashmatters]
J & R: For the most part, we just do our individual stuff. Like, we do our own dishes and laundry. We take turns with taking out the trash, and we massage the carpet together 🙂

What show are you currently watching together?
J & R: So. Many. Shows. American Horror Story. Psych. Chuck. Friends.

What do you guys love to jam to?
J: Downtown by Macklemore. That’s all we listen to. It’s on repeat. All the time.
R: Drag Me Down by One Direction, too!

The milk jug is empty but someone put it back in the fridge, who is the culprit? [from Stashmatters]
J & R: We wouldn’t do that. It’s just wrong.

Which one of you is “the cook” of the place and what is a dish you both love to share? [from Nena]
J: I bake.
R: I cook. Her specialty is cake-pops, watch out Starbucks.
J & R: Taco/burritos. Something easy and tasty!

roommate tag 5



What food do you always have no matter what?
J & R: CHEETOS! I don’t know if there was a time that we haven’t had Cheetos. Seriously. Oh and Kit Kats… We have a never ending supply of Kit Kats.




What’s the best part about having each other as roommates? [from Stashmatters]
J: Ryane is probably one of the most considerate people I know. She is constantly leaving me encouraging notes, picking up my favorite snacks, and taking care of me when I’m sick or sad. There’s also something very special about living with your best friend. I always feel completely comfortable to be myself, which is a luxury that not many roommates have. I also have a built in fashion consultant, make-up artist, dance partner, movie buddy, and fellow cheesy bread connoisseur. What more could I ask for in a roommate? Ryane is the PERFECT roomie 🙂
R: Get ready for a rant of how great Joy is… First, I don’t have to walk all the way across campus to see her. But also, I get to live with my very best friend in the whole entire world. And I always have a talking buddy and dinner buddy and study buddy. She takes care of me when I’m having a bad day, tells me when my eyeliner is on fleek. She listens to Downtown with me nonstop. I get an unhealthy dose of laughing and happiness. We break out in random interpretive dances. We even have a sheet of just random funny things we say. The best part of having Joy as a roommate is that I get to live with my very best friend before moving to another state! And I just think she’s the best :*

Thank you all so much for reading!
I want to tag EVERYBODY for this fun post! Doesn’t matter if you roommate is also your S.O. I just want to learn more about everyone! 🙂 you can come up with some new questions or use some of the ones I have!

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

And please follow me!!

-Ryane ❤



3 thoughts on “Roommate Tag; Feat. Joy

  1. stashmatters says:

    Aw so nice that you are still friends, even if you didn’t know each well in elementary school – at least you have common experiences! Haha so funny that a BOY came in between you before you became friends!
    Teehee that pic of Joy in the bed! I’m short but I love being on the top bunk.
    It’s good you take responsibility for your own cleaning but also share in common tasks.
    Aww mush mushy – it’s great that you obvious love each other. It’s great to have great girlfriends! And luckier still to have one as a roommate!
    Great Tag! 😀


    • ryanezamora12 says:

      Thanks girl! Yes, I love Joy! I think she’s the best! I love living with my best friend!
      Oh my goodness, the other night I woke her up hitting my head on the ceiling! lol! Our lofts are so stinking high. It’s ridiculous!


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