Makeup tutorial; dramatic fall look

Hello internet friends,

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season of ALL TIME. First, the weather is perfect because I can live in big, comfy sweaters and boots. Second, it’s all about warm colors, which are my absolute fave! And third, that means winter and Christmas are right around the corner, and I love Christmas time 🙂

Anyways, I wanted to do a very dramatic eye look that just screamed fall. I took pictures of this tutorial one afternoon, and afterwards my friends wanted to grab dinner. I have never gotten so many compliments on my makeup before!

dramatic fall 13

There’s a picture of the look! Keep reading for more details 🙂

dramatic fall 1

I knew I was going to do a dramatic look, so I put my favorite eye shadow primer by Lorac all over my lids to ensure the longevity of my shadows 🙂

Also, would it be a real Ryane Zamora tutorial if I didn’t put “Toast” and “Nectar” in my crease? I didn’t think so, so I did that too 😛


dramatic fall 2



Next, to create some more dimension, I took “Lt. Brown” from my Lorac Pro 2 Palette and swept that in the crease on top of our two first transition colors.



dramatic fall 3


Don’t be alarmed, but I took a Colourpop eyeshadow in “Shop” and put that in the crease area. Most people are afraid to put reds on their eyes, and I generally stay away from them, too! But I promise, it will all work out in the end!!



dramatic fall 4



For my lid, I used “Picnic Basket” from my tarte poppy picnic palette and just applied on the lid area, being careful to not get too far up into the crease.



dramatic fall 5


Next, I took the shade “Dreamer” from the tartelette palette and focused it on the inner and outer corner vs of my eye.

As you can see, I completely avoided the middle section of my lid.



Next, I used a similar technique like the one in my Bronze Makeup Look tutorial.

dramatic fall 6

I applied my favorite cream eyeshadow of all time in the center of my lid. It’s from the drugstore from the brand Maybelline and it’s called “Bad to the Bronze”. GAH! I could use it every single day, in fact, I probably do 😛




dramatic fall 7

Then I grabbed a very sparkle-y gold eyeshadow called “Caipirnha Cocktails” and applied it directly on top of the cream eyeshadow I just put down. Warning to all: this eyeshadow has so much fall out!!

I also took ColourPop “Shop” and put it on my lower lash line.




dramatic fall 8

To finish out the rest of my lower lash line I took “Picnic Basket” and ran it all up in there to create a very warm smokey under eye look.

For my brow bone highlight I used the never failing Becca “Opal”. I originally put this in my inner corner, too, but didn’t like the way it looked, so I used “Summer Breeze” by tarte for a more matte highlight.




dramatic fall 9

What look would look complete without my winged liner? I threw that on, and also tightlined my upper and lower lash line, threw on some mascara and lashes and the eye look is complete!






dramatic fall 10

You guys know I will list every single product I used below 🙂

dramatic fall 11

Product Details:


dramatic fall 12

I hope you all enjoyed this very dramatic fall makeup look! Be sure to keep your eyes out for my first Halloween makeup tutorial that I will post next week! 🙂

Thank you all so much for reading :*

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

And please follow me!!

-Ryane ❤


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