That Kind of Person Tag

Hello loveys,

I wanted to do a fun tag that has nothing whatsoever to do with makeup! It’s the “That Kind of Person Tag”, and I don’t actually remember if I was tagged to do it, or if I found it!

ttop tag

1. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? Dinner. I like dinner because it’s at the end of the day and you can sit around with your friends/family and talk about everything! 🙂
2. After eating a bowl of cereal, do you drink the milk? Absolutely.
3. When you drive, do you listen to CD’s, radio or phone? It depends. If I’m driving a long distance, I’ll put on a CD so I don’t have to radio surf, but if I’m just driving to work, I’ll listen to the radio.
4. Are you a window or an aisle person? Either or. If I get to choose my seat, I’d pick window, that way I can rest on the wall and try to fall asleep.
5. Fold or crumple? Fold.
6. Shampoo then body wash, or body wash then shampoo? Shampoo then body wash. Think of it this way: if you use body wash, that means you cleaned your body, if you use shampoo after that and then rinse, all the icky stuff from your hair is going to get on your just washed body! Shampoo then body wash.
7. Are you typically stressed or relaxed? Stressed. I suffer from a Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I’m never in a constant state of stress 24/7/365, I have good days and bad days, but I do tend to stress out. Unless someone else is stressing out, then I try to act relaxed to help them relax, too.
8. Patient or impatient? It depends on the situation. If I’m hungry and the microwave is taking too long, I’m impatient, but other than silly situations like that, I would consider myself to be patient.
9. Do you like to have a schedule or go with the flow? I love schedules. Schedules are bae. Schedules are life. I think this is a good and bad thing. It means that I’m very predictable because I follow a schedule to the minute weekly, if someone wanted to kill me, they would know exactly where to find me.  But I love schedules, I’m not a person that gets super bored by routines, but I will switch things up every once in a while.
10. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A lot of things. I wanted to be a vet, a youth minister, a teacher, a singer, an actress, everything!

rnba blake rnba audrey met lorde 1

11. Prankster or not? As long as they’re light hearted, I’m cool with them. I personally don’t pull many pranks. Sometimes I’ll, like, hide behind the door when I know Joy is coming home and I’ll jump out and scare her, but my pranks are usually never that elaborate.
12. Dressed up or dressed down? Depends. As I’m writing this, I’m in some leggings, wrapped up in a Snuggie, but I miss high school mostly because I miss prom, and want to dress up!
13. Favourite article of clothing? My grey sweater from Abercrombie (find it in my post here)
14. If you could play a musical instrument, what would you play? Piano. I can read music and play it alright, but I haven’t in such a long time.
15. East coast or West coast? East coast. I’m a New York woman! (Fun fact: I was born in New York even though I live in Indiana now)
16. London or L.A.? London!
17, Favorite holiday? Christmas! I love Christmas time. You get to cuddle up by the fire, all my family is home and it’s so nice because most people don’t have to go to work or school!
18. How big is your bed? At home I have the most comfortable queen size bed, but at school, I have a twin size bed that freaking squeaks every time I breathe.
19. Do you sleep with doors open or closed? Closed.
20. Do you sleep with sheets in or out? Rant: I hate sheets. They irk me to no end. What are you doing? Are you trying to strangle me? Why are you wrapped around my leg now? Get off. Get out of my room. I never want to see you again. Ugh. End rant.
21. Have you ever stolen anything? No. At least not that I’m aware of. I’ve probably accidentally stolen a shirt from one of my friends, but they all do that to me, too! lol! Our idea is: my closet is your closet (except they know to stay away from my favorite sweater).
22. Tattoos or piercings? I have a total of 10 piercings.

piercing ear left piercing ear right piercing belly button

23. Do you smile in every photo? No! You guys know that!
24. Ever peed in the woods?  Oh yeah! When I would take “camping” trips.
25. Concert or theme park? Concert. I’m not a big roller coaster person.
26. Music or books? Both. Don’t make me choose, that’s just cruel!
27. Animated or Reality? Both. A good Disney classic will never get old.
28. Letter or e mail? Both!
29. What was the first concert you attended? The Dixie Chicks. I was in third grade and it was so much fun! I went with my mama 🙂
30. Do you own a record player? I don’t, but Boyfriend does!
31. Do you speak other languages? No! I grew up with my parents speaking Spanish and Japanese, and caught on to a little bit of what they were saying, but I’m not fluent in either.
32. Sweet or savoury? Depends on my mood. I love both.
33. Can you curl your tongue? I can!
34. Can you touch the tip of your tongue to your nose? Yes!
35. Can you whistle? Yes, but not very well.
36. Did you ever win a Spelling Bee? I actually have! It was in eighth grade!
37. Do you believe in ghosts? No.
38. Do you believe in aliens? No.

I hope you guys enjoyed learning a little bit more about me!

Here are the people I nominate to do this tag!! But really, anyone can do it!

stash matters



Everything and Nothin’

Beautiful Breakable

All things Lacquer

I really can’t wait to get to know more about all of you!

Please be sure to keep a look out for my first Halloween Makeup Tutorial 🙂

Thank you all so much for reading!

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

And please follow me!!

-Ryane ❤




8 thoughts on “That Kind of Person Tag

  1. everythingnothin says:

    aw thanks so much love for nominating me!! I loved learning more about you! I am totally impatient when I am hungry too! It is so bad! My boyfriend is always like babe, go eat haha! I totally hate sheets too!! I’ve totally peed in the woods too haha!! This was so fun!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. stashmatters says:

    What a fun Tag! I’ll be sure to add this to my list to do. Thanks for tagging me! 😀
    I have the same rationale about shampoo first then body wash!
    I like pranks that don’t involve someone getting scared (I hate HATE being scared / shocked!)
    Ooh I didn’t know you’re originally from NY! So neat. I’m East coast too but in Canada. Toronto is the Canadian version of NYC lol.
    I am still amazed at how many ear holes you have! I only ever managed 6 in total. 😛
    Yeah you’re right, some of these are the same as the 100 Q tag but I’ll still do this!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nena says:

    These is a very fun tag! Hunger makes me super cranky and impatient LOL Like the Snickers commercials:p I will work on this soon. Thanks for the tag, love:)


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