Makeup tutorial; Halloween makeup; Rosie the Riveter

Hello lovelies,

I am back with yet another Halloween makeup tutorial! I decided to make this a “last minute Halloween idea/makeup look”. It’s seriously super easy! And for a costume, all you really need is a denim shirt and a red bandana! 🙂

rosie 7 rosie 10

Let’s get started 🙂

rosie 1

First, I took my Milani eyeshadow in Cappuccino and just dusted that in my crease.






rosie 2

Next, we start with the eyeliner. I made this look so much more dramatic than normally. So I am taking you guys through this process quite literally step by step! The first thing I do is draw a straight line extending from the outer corner of my eye to the tip of my eyebrow.





rosie 3

I am then going to just draw a line back to the base of my eyelashes! The line connected to about the middle of my eyelid.






rosie 4

So, next, I fill in all of that empty space and then draw a very thin line to the inner corner of my eye.





rosie 5

To finish out the eye look, I used Becca Opal to highlight the brow bone and inner corner. I also took the same eyeshadow we used in the crease and blended it out in my lower lash line. Finally, I added some lashes and bottom mascara!

rosie 9

What is a Rosie the Riveter look without red lips? I used some of my favorite red lip products. Of course I used some foundation, I contoured just a little, threw on some blush, and I can’t go anywhere without brows!

All products are listed below 🙂

Product Details:


rosie 6

Thank you all so much for reading 🙂 I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! I am already starting to plan my Halloween tutorials for next year! yay!

If you want to see my Twiggy makeup tutorial click here!

Can’t wait to talk to you all again!

And please follow me!!

-Ryane ❤


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