Makeup Tutorial; Inspired by the VS Fashion Show

Hello everyone,

If you didn’t know, the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was on Tuesday night!

After doing my review on the Morphe 35b Color Glam Palette, I thought I would create a makeup look inspired by the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!


First, I took the deep pink color and put it in the outer corner of my eye lid.

vs1 morphe 35b palette deep pink


To create an effortlessly smokey look, I went back with a clean blending brush and blended that deep pink color into my crease.






For my all over the lid color, I grabbed a soft matte pink from the palette.

morphe 35b palette soft pink matte vs3

I decided I wanted a little extra oomph, and grabbed the warm pink shimmery shade from the palette and focused it just on the ball of my eye.

vs4 morphe 35b palette warm pink shimmer

As usual, I had to highlight my brow bone and inner corner! To do this, I mixed the white matte shade and the cool pink shimmery shade!

morphe 35b palette white and cool pink shimmer vs5


I took “Multi-Tasker” from my tartelette palette and used this on my outer lower lash line and also created a wing with it as if it were eyeliner. I didn’t want to use a black eyeliner, because I thought it would look too harsh for this very soft pink look!





vs7To finish off the eye look, I threw on my favorite mascara of all time and put a nude eyeliner in my water line.







That highlight tho…

Here is the final result! You guys know I will list all of the products I used down below!

Speaking of all my products, kudos to Stash Matters, here is a picture of the ridiculous amount of products I put on my face to achieve this look; including brushes, a random q-tip, and my beauty blender ❤



Product Details:



Srsly, that highlight…

Thank you all so much for reading! Let me know if you watched the VS Fashion Show! I really wanted to watch it because I wanted to see Kendall Jenner and she was absolutely gorgeous ❤

Also, some other random news, today is my second to last day of college! WOOOOOOT!

Also, if you haven’t already, check out my I Need Your Help; iPhone Cases Post and take my poll 🙂

Can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

And please follow me!!

-Ryane ❤


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