Makeup Tutorial; Warm New Year’s Eve look

Hello everyone!

I’m back with my second New Year’s Eve tutorial! This one is much different than the first New Year’s Eve tutorial that I put up earlier this week! It’s much more warm and I think a little less dramatic, but the gold in the inner corner gives it a little oomph 🙂

ny 2 15

ny 2 13

I started out by priming my eyes with the Lorac Behind the Eyes Primer!

ny 2 1I took “Nectar” from the Lorac Pro 2 Palette and sloppily applied it in my crease as well as a little above my crease!






ny 2 2Then I used Bobbi Brown’s “Toast” and put it right on top of “Nectar”. I think “Toast” really warmed up the crease 🙂






ny 2 3Next I took “Lt. Brown,” another color from the Lorac Pro 2 Palette, and really focused this color on the outer lid area.






ny 2 4But I’m going to be completely honest, that shadow didn’t do it for me. So I went back with MAC “Uninterrupted” and placed it over where I originally put “Lt. Brown”. It totally made the eye look more warm, which is what I was going for!





ny 2 5To deepen the crease area, I took a very little amount of Jesse’s Girl “Brown Sugar” loose powder-y eyeshadow!






ny 2 6For my lower lash line, I applied “Picnic Basket” by tarte.






ny 2 7I mixed “Barefoot in the Grass” and “Summer Breeze,” both by tarte, all over my crease!







ny 2 8And for my highlight, instead of using  my usual (BECCA Opal), I wanted a matte color, so I used the same “Summer Breeze” shade.






ny 2 9I wanted to do winged liner (of course), but I thought black would be way too harsh, so I took “Picnic Basket” and created it!






ny 2 10I also didn’t want to leave my waterline blank, so I used a nude kohl eyeliner to fill it out!






ny 2 11The last steps are applying mascara and then I added some gold glitter in the inner corner of my eye to give the look a little extra oomph!

ny 2 14

All products for the rest of my face will be listed below :*

Product details:


ny 2 16

Thank you all so much for reading ❤

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-Ryane ❤


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